About the Census




Thank you for taking the time to complete the Legal Aid Census. It is being undertaken by academics at Cardiff and Newcastle Universities in collaboration with Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG) and the Westminster Commission on Legal Aid.

The census takes the form of a survey, the responses to which will provide critical data for sustaining the legal aid workforce in future. At present, we do not have a clear picture of the number and nature of the organisations that make up the legal aid sector and the services that they provide (and will provide) as the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The census will collate workforce data from providers and practitioners of legal aid, as well as aspiring practitioners, across England and Wales. 

The survey is confidential and all responses provided will only be used for research purposes. No identifying information will be shared with the organisation you work for and you will not be identified in any reports or publications. All of your answers will be combined with others in the survey. Keeping your personal data confidential is required under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The data controller for GDPR purposes is Cardiff University.

It is up to you to choose whether to participate or not. The questions are not compulsory, and you can skip those you are unable or unwilling to answer.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete the census. We would be very grateful if you could circulate it to as many individuals as possible within your organisation and across your networks.

If you have any difficulty completing the questionnaire or have any questions please contact research@lapg.co.uk                                    

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